The Cultivation Theory On Television

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The Cultivation Theory is basically about how people get affected by what they seen on the television. Research says that the more a person is exposed to message that are delivered through media, they more likely they believe it is really happening in reality of life. This theory often applied to society’s perception of reality. For example, an individual who watches a series like investigation about crime shows on television (CSI, NCSI or Law & Order) will believe there is a lot of violent crimes happening at the place where he/she live. This shows that it is true, television violence show can influence an individual to live their lives according to what the seen on television. Moreover, the cultivation theory also states that television viewers will be more influenced than those who do not really watch television. The theory mostly act at mental and attitude level. For instance, our attitude will change after watching any shows that is really violence because our brain is accepting the ideology where the informations flow in your brain like a “running water”. This is not a behaviorist theory, but it is more to passive learning theory. Besides, social media also one of the most influencing sites to the society nowadays. Social network like Facebook and Twitter are the most influencing social media sites, mostly to our new generations Y and Z. Basically, it means that we eventually act and do based on what were delivered to us. So, now, I am going to explain on how the
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