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In August 1947 after nearly 300 years rule under British Empire, India and Pakistan finally got their independence. However, it came with a price with the partition of Hindu majority India and Muslim majority Pakistan being separated into two countries. Pakistan was formed into West Pakistan and East Pakistan. East Pakistan later becoming independent and known as Bangladesh.

It is known as the biggest and greatest migration in the history of mankind. Millions of Muslim moved to Pakistan and Millions of Hindus and Sikhs left Pakistan for Inda.

During the British regime in India, the Muslims comprised of approximately 25% of the total population of the country. However, the racial discrimination between the Hindus and Muslims were getting
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There was always danger of communal violence between the two religion groups. The idea was to keep these two groups away from each other to curb the religious differences. Even separate waters were allocated to the Hindus and Muslims while travelling, for instance, on train journeys. Intermarriage was strictly prohibited despite the two communities coexisting. India was at the eve of its freedom from the British rule and all set to create its own government and constitution. The Muslims were apprehensive of the fact that, through the implementation of such governance and constitution, the Hindus were actually attempting to constrain the lives of the Muslims. They were afraid that the Hindu Majority will severely interfere with the Muslim ways of living as dictated by the Quoran. In other words, they were almost sure that the Hindus will take away their social and religious freedom.

The Britishers who were the Rulers of India at that point in time were hurting after second World war and did not have enough resources to control the situation. However their policy of Divide and Rule was something they continued to purse despite having a messy and hasty exit from India. The British Rule in India had always been marked with brutal oppression and violent revolts. To say that they somehow managed to have a peaceful exit is mainly due to the tension created between the Hindus and

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