Sign Languages: The Four Types Of Sign Language

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In our daily life, we often see the traffic police commanding on the road, the passers-by taking photos with strange gestures, and deaf people 's busy fingers. All of them are doing some kinds of hand gestures. Our hands not only can be used to do things, but also can be used to send massages. What 's more, using gestures to send massages is very simple, especially when you are communicate with foreigners and you can 't speak the foreigner language, at that time, using sign language to express your meaning is very simple. Therefore, learn sign language is particularly important.
As an important part of the system of non-verbal behavior, sign gestures can reflect the social and cultural characteristics as language. On the one hand, in a particular
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The introduction of sign language and its classifications
So what are sign languages? In simple words, sign language is a kind of silent language, which uses the movement (especially hands movement) to express one 's thoughts in order to send the massages.
There are many kinds of sign languages. It can be divided into four parts, including technical gestures, self-closing gestures, descriptive gestures, and symbolic gestures.
Technical gestures refer to the specific gestures which should be used in special situation that can be learned in a particular industry or occasion. For example, the gestures which traffic police used to command traffic is a technical
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In the United States, and most of the western countries, such as the United Kingdom, it means OK, that is to say agree. In France, it means zero or nothing. In Thailand, it means no problem or going ahead. In Japan, Burma, South Korea it means money. In India it means right. And in Tunisia it means fool. Therefore, if you travel in France, you 'd better not use this gesture to show that you like the food, because they will only think that you think the food is not

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