The Culture Of Fear Analysis

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In Chapter 2, of The Culture of Fear, the author Barry Glassner provides us with a glimpse of how various forms of media coverage (newspaper, radio, tv, etc.) report misrepresented information and straying from the truth instilling fear in society. The argument here is that accurate fact finding should be top priority for anyone who delivers it to a nation. For example, Glassner writes about, the media created epidemic of violence in the workplace by employees. The statistics showed, “2.2 million people attacked on the job each year, murder the leading cause of work-related death for women, the number three cause for men”(27). However, this was not accurate and once further researched determined that high rate of workplace murders were committed…show more content…
I feel like if there something you watched or heard on tv/media outlets and feel very strongly about it than you should go do your research. The assumption and message of workplace violence to me is crazy because that just makes people question more than necessary. Logically, people already have concerns when introduced to new people or starting a new job but the last thing you want to think about is, “will this person go crazy on me”. It was interesting to read how the media used this to help corporations misled the public of possible employment and economic crisis. Additionally, to my previous comment on how you can’t believe everything you read or see I felt it was geared towards the Halloween candy frenzy. I mean parents should be checking their kids halloween candy to begin with especially if they are kids. I know I do! Plus I wonder if anyone actually sat down to wonder how they could possibly put razors in candy without affecting its look or packaging. If my kids received something that wasn’t labeled or packaged they would not be eating it, even if it is a healthy red apple! I thought this halloween myth that was created to possibly divert from the truth was shocking and disgusting. People need to be faced with the realities of life to find ways to change or help those that need it. In order to bring awareness we must face a problem head on in our society. There needs to be more transparency in order for people to make change. This is not only for the news reporters but also within our government and

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