Dog In The Nighttime Theme

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In life have you ever wanted everyone around you not bother you or talk to you at that moment? Or have you ever felt confused around others? In the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime written by author Mark Haddon, the main character Christopher struggles with relating to other people around him. He doesn't understand why people always question him about the way he acts, and he constantly feels somewhat lonely because he feels confined from others around him. Christopher has a condition which is a type of autism that makes him talk, think, and act differently than everyone else around him in the book. The story starts as a mystery book but quickly turns into a heartwarming story about Christopher wanting to be understood…show more content…
Shears dog Wellington. The novel shows this by having Christopher trying to figure out who killed wellington throughout the whole story until he found out the person who killed the dog was his own father. This is shown in the story when christopher said “I'm thinking I might have an insight about who might have killed Wellington. There are three reasons someone might kill a dog: because they hate the dog. because they are crazy, or because they want to upset the owner. I cannot think of anyone who hates Wellington and anyone who is crazy enough to kill a dog. I know that most murderers know their victim and that the only person who would want to upset Mrs. Shears is Mr. Shears since Mr. Shears left about two years ago and never came back. I remember when Mother died, Mrs. Shears would come over and cook for us because she felt lonely. I dont know why Mr. Shears left Mrs. Shears but if Mr. Shears didn’t want to live in the same house as Mrs. Shears anymore im guessing he probably hates her which means he might have decided to kill Wellington to make her sad to get back at her. Christopher's reaction to this was very confused and disappointed. This event made Christopher run away from his dad and take a train to London by himself to move into his Mother’s apartment”. (Haddon
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