The Curse Of Macbeth In William Shakespeare's Play

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The play, Macbeth, has been known world-wide for being one of the most hapless plays in theatre. Macbeth is filled with tragedy, betrayal, and evil. The play has been cancelled multiple times from the “Macbeth Curse”. The “curse” is believed to bring adversities throughout rehearsals and performances of Macbeth. William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, is believed to be cursed in particular when exploring the origins of the play, the countless number of recorded tragedies that are connected to the play, and the presence of witchcraft. The “Macbeth Curse” refers to the mistakes that occur during the show. The belief goes that William Shakespeare included substantive black magic spells in the play. Any actors who have a role in the play risk the chance of having evil brought down on them. Since it is bad luck for an actor performing in Macbeth, they refer to the play as “The Scottish Play.” In Macbeth, there are multiple scenes that include physical action. Eventually, you would expect someone to get injured. Furthermore, the play was given the nickname “Curse of Macbeth” after several accidents. WORK CITED!!! King James I was the King of England and had wanted Macbeth…show more content…
For example, the first performance that occurred in 1606, resulted with the boy playing Lady Macbeth dying from a fever backstage. Another example includes a rivalry between two actors, Edwin Forrest and John Macready, which created a riot where 31 people died. The riot took place in front of the theatre while the play was performing with John Macready present in Macbeth. Lastly, the Stratford Festival began with a performance of Macbeth where an old man broke both his legs in a parking lot when struck by a car. Also, the actor playing Lady Macbeth drove her car into a store. There are many more unexplained events that have happened from the “Macbeth Curse” that have not been recorded. WORK

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