The Curse Of The Poisoned Pretzel Analysis

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Paul Haven was the author of the story above and it never provides any actaul words saying that Skidmore did the crime of murdering his brother by poisoning the pretzel he ate, but it does provide many facts of how it most likely was him and that is what made me think it was Skidmore. I will explain what in the story of "The Curse of The Poisoned Pretzel," made me believe that SKimore killed Macnchester to get the money. A case of a man murdered by his brother was never brought to justice, it was said to have ended by a simple choking hazard when really it was an inncident of an insane twisted family member. In the excerpt from the story, "The Curse of the Poisoned Pretzel," the author Paul Haven indirectly expresses his thoughts about the killing of the character named Manchester. Support 1: To start it all off, Manchester was a three hundred pound basebal loving, sweet treat addict with a kind heart. Unfortunately for him his brother Skidmore was an evil man who was envious, and down to no good. He gave everyone around him the creeps and that could be another reason of why other people thought he was guilty was because nobody likedf him so they wanted to accuse Skidmore. Initially, Skidmore hated Manchester and finally decided to do something about it like poisoning his pretzel because he knew he could get more than one thing from his death. One of the things that he can get is the family wealth, and another is a better feeling that your brother who everyone loved is
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