The Custard Pie: A Short Story

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There was a little boy named George. His mother and father had always been at work so this meant he lived by loneliness at home. His mother and father owned the biggest company in the district which meant that George and his family were immensely rich. George was a small, short kid with blond hair and white skin. His house was a massive, gold, mansion in the corner of the street. However, George was an excessively mischievous and playful boy. George was as sneaky as a fox as he always stole pudding and pie from anywhere he could lay his hands on. This is because pudding and pie are his favourite foods to eat. One sunny day, George’s usual day, a day where he would attempt to steal another pie from the bakery, George was planning to get to the bakery by using the devious and shortest way there, the back alley. This place was no usual back alley, this was a dark and scary alley, but George was never afraid of it, not even a little scared. George at that moment, studied the bakery and spied through the window to target his pray, “The Custard Pie”, his greatest and precious pie in the world. This pie was just…show more content…
he never knew what happens in this alley at this time, but George didn’t care as he was staring at his prize. In addition when he was digging in the custard pie, George had heard a group of five girls playing nearby. After George finished his pie, he went to investigate. He navigated through other alleys from the sound of the girls playing. When he finally found the Girls, they were playing tag in a colossal beige white sandy playground. George noticed the girls having enjoyment and thought that if he were to play with them, additionally his life would be increasingly satisfying than stealing and eating custard pie. George thought it would also be amusing to play with the girls by trying to kiss

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