The Cycle Of Oppression In The Ugly Duckling By Ruettiger

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There are times in life when a person is told they are not satisfactory or that they will never complete their life long goals. The majority of these people submit to what people say; while others try to break their mold in society and overcome the societal oppressIon they face. Throughout the course of the year, there was an exponential amount of different pieces of literature that surfaced to prove no matter what the odds are, people can still break the cycle and win against society. Movies help in providing emotional or an influential impact on people in different forms. Subsequently, Rudy creates a puissant impact that will last a lifetime in more ways than one. Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger starts his own cycle of liberation and break barriers…show more content…
Sometimes, the protagonist is forced into changing the worlds’ views even if they do not desire too; the Ugly Duckling from The Ugly Duckling is a prime example of this lifestyle. While the Ugly Duckling was just a young bird, he was cast out of his people and of his own mother, causing him to go through the cycle of liberation at a much younger age than most. No, he did not want this lifestyle of constantly being rejected while trying to find his own spot in the world, but it had to be done. Unfortunately, as time goes on the Ugly Duckling is repeatedly abused and manipulated by everyone he is introduced to just because of the way he looked; the tormenters did not even bother to look deeper than what the skin had to show. Towards the end of the story the pitiful Ugly Duckling was tired of living his life on his own, tired of being tyrannized by every living creature he meant and eventually decided to give up; it was as if the society finally won over the protagonist. Luckily, at that very moment that the Ugly Duckling was going to give in, he was saved by people who were just like him. He was immediately accepted into a group of swans and was thought to be the most extravagant one of the group. Finally the Ugly Duckling felt proud of himself and felt whole again, realizing he was never an…show more content…
At first, it appears that Siddhartha has everything a person could want and more; he was beloved by his society, family, and friends and excels at everything that he attempts. However, he was disenchanted by this lifestyle and felt he could never truly reach the enlightenment he desired and wanted to venture out and find it. Despite this, his father did not want him to leave, he wanted Siddhartha to find the enlightenment within the Brahim religion like he was suppose to. Siddhartha was not having it and wanted to break away from his fathers hold and eventually he was able to. The wise believer traveled from religion and teachers to new ones every time he became disenchanted with a society and was desperately trying to find the religion or philosophy that would help him achieve it. However, Siddhartha eventually failed in his mission and turned to a life of gambling and materialistic society. At this point in the tale, it appears as if Siddhartha has lost his purpose in life and abandoned his beliefs causing the society to win over him with its negative influences. Eventually, Siddhartha returns to his goal of complete and utter enlightenment and despite the obstacles that he encountered, he finally achieved his goal and was able to be at peace with himself within his thoughts and found his own type of

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