Cyclo Amphibious Cycle

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A vehicle is a versatile machine that vehicles individuals or freight. Regularly, vehicles are fabricated, for example, wagons, bikes, engine vehicles (cruisers, autos, trucks, and transports), railed vehicles (trains, trams), watercraft (boats, watercrafts), flying machine and rocket. Land vehicles are ordered extensively by what is utilized to apply guiding and drive strengths against the ground: wheeled, followed, railed or skied.
In fact, a bike regularly called a bicycle or cycle, is a human-controlled, pedal-driven, single-track vehicle, having two wheels joined to an edge, one behind the other. A bike rider is known as a cyclist, or bicyclist. Thus, bicycles are simple and beautiful machines that pull in pretty much every
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The configuration which has likely gotten the most scope is Saidullah's Bicycle. The bicycle utilizes four rectangular air filled buoys for lightness, and is impelled utilizing two fan cutting edges which have been connected to the spokes. Moraga's Cyclo Amphibious uses a basic tricycle edge to bolster three floaters which give both the floatation and push. The wings on the controlled propel wheels the vehicle in a comparable manner to the paddle wheel.

Problem Statement
• What is the working principle of drivetrain and gearing?
In this analysis it is to examine the basic principles of drivetrain but mainly focused on the gearing as to see how actually the transmitting power. It is because, mainly utility, bicycles use hub gears with between 3 and 14 ratios.

• What is the suitable bicycle frame and design of floating for the amphibious cycle?
In this analysis, it is to study the frame of the amphibious cycle that make them become more elegant. Next, to study the design of the basic floating by using the basic concept that can making them to hold the specific weight.

• How about the safety of the driver and passenger?
As for the safety of the driver and passenger, the design and built with safety should be measured for the passenger and driver such as helmet, enough room for easy escape in case of a vehicle collision, wear life vests stored in the back of the vehicle when traveling
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• To examine the suitable bicycle frame and design of floating for the amphibious cycle.
• To examine the safety of the driver and passenger.

Aim of Research:
To develop an autonomous amphibious vehicle with suitable single locomotion mechanisms to allow the vehicle to navigate effectively on both land and water.
The research objectives are as follows:
• To develop an amphibious vehicle for confined and narrow areas using suitable steering configuration and maneuvering system.
• To improve the efficiency of water propulsion for wheel-based vehicle by optimizing its water thruster design by cutting down the extra load for a separate thruster drive.
• To perform experiments on the prototype and evaluate the maneuverability and performance of the autonomous amphibious vehicle.
As the summary, even the amphibious cycle is kind of general or in other words is in wide scope, but the limitation is there as it is possible to test out on every types of amphibious cycle in the world. All of these vehicle would be design and built for an extensive use by following to their own subjective purpose specific environment. Moreover, this is generally to identify the basic concept of floating so that it is can be built by our own and it can be used in case environmental problems such as

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