The Cyclops Research Paper

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“The Cyclops” In “The Cyclops” there is a man, by the name of Odysseus. Him and his men end up on an island. They look around and end up in the cave of a giant, one eyed, powerful beast known as "the cyclops." The cyclops, who is named Polyphemus, is not very friendly and ends up eating two of Odysseus ' men. Before they can escape, the cyclops puts a big rock over the entrance to the door. His plan is to keep them trapped and slowly eat each one of them. Odysseus offers Polyphemus some really strong wine, which Polyphemus drinks, getting drunk. Odysseus tells Polyphemus that his name is "No Man" before the cyclops passes out. Odysseus and his men take a log and sharpen it at one end. While Polyphemus is sleeping, the men take the huge stick
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