The D. Case: The Truth About The Mystery Of Edwin Drood

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The missing part of the puzzle seems to be the more important one and it seems to have taken on a life of its own. The existing fragment became a carcass that needs to be studied, scrutinised and dissected in search of clues to the solution. Unfortunately, despite all the hard work invested by many meticulous investigators, all they ever came up with are still just speculations. After doing a meticulous research, Hobsbaum, in A Reader 's Guide to Charles Dickens, states that: According to Hobsbaum statistics “Of the sixty-five solutions to the mystery with which I am personally acquainted, twenty-three believe Drood to be alive – though there is no agreement as to his whereabouts – and forty-two would have Drood dead. With two exceptions, those who believe Drood…show more content…
Case: The Truth about the Mystery of Edwin Drood gather some of the most famous detectives of the literary world to complete the novel but following and decoding Dickens’s intentions. Theories are many but two mane currents of thought arise. One group of the investigators believes that the book is supposed to be a psychological thriller while the other one is inclined to define it a detective novel and argue that a surprising ending was what Dickens had in mind. The genre debate leads us again to different endings. If a detective novel, Dickens could be misleading his readers by casting suspicion on Jasper, and the killer could be anyone of the characters in the book. If a psychological thriller then the identity of the killer is not an issue, what is important is the psychology behind the murder. The
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