The DNA Structure In The Double Helix By James Watson

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The Double Helix, by James Watson, was about how two men, named Francis Crick and James Watson, found a structure of DNA. It took them many times to come up with something. They had to work really hard and be dedicated to this experiment/project. Every time they thought that they had found something, they would send it to another country, or get a scientist to come in and tell them what was wrong and what to improve. This paper will discuss: the characteristics of the characters, how competitive they were, and when they thought they found something how they would send it off or get someone to come and look at it, how Watson and Crick found the DNA structure, and how it was after they found the structure (Watson, 33).
Topic 1 In Double Helix, by James Watson, there were many characters. Francis Crick was 35 at the time of 1951, and attended the Cavendish Laboratory of Cambridge University. He was known for being very loud. He was often not appreciated, and most
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Maurice and Rosy helped them by giving them information. Maurice discovered “B” structure of DNA, as opposed to the “A” structure discovered by Pauling. All of the sudden, the puzzle pieces fell right into place in front of Watson and he could clearly see that the helix was in the right form by looking at the “B” structure. Watson disagreed with Wilkins on the necessity of the three chained models depending on the water content of DNA samples; and Watson felt his reason was far too flimsy. He created a vision of a two chain helix model and felt Crick would agree with him because he knew important biological objects come in pairs. They had Jerry Donohue, an American crystallographer, to point out the weak points in Watson’s model. Watson and Crick determined the positions of the bases should be placed upside down in relation to one another, so the two strands run in opposite directions (Watson,
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