The Daffodils: A Short Story

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[I]Hey, kid. Do you know the story of the Sun that falls in love with a Daffodils?

The Sun was doing his job, as usual, shining and sending warmth to all creatures on earth. Then, there, in a garden full of beautiful flowers, he spotted the Daffodils. The Daffodils was small. She looked fragile, but the Sun knew that the small flower was graceful and strong. Many other flowers adored her.

The Sun, too, was mesmerized by her beauty. He fell in love with the Daffodils.

Every day, the Sun would shine brighter for the Daffodils, sending more warmth to the small flower. The Daffodils always looked happy. She seemed to like the Sun too. At the beginning, the Daffodils only accepted all the special treatments as kindness, but soon, she realized that the Sun was in love with her.

She, too, started to grow a feeling for the
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The Daffodils greeted the Sun, as usual, the next morning. She smiled, she laughed, she showed a face full of happiness. But why did the Sun look at her a little bit differently today? She wondered. Did the Sun grow tired of her?

...Did the Sun find out her secret?

The Sun shone brightly the next day too. He hadn't been able to stay calm since he exchanged place with the Moon. He had anticipated the time he would spend with his precious flower. But he saw something. Was that always there? He couldn't concentrate that day. Did the Daffodils know it was there?

...Wasn't that shadow?

Shadow was something both of them were familiar with. The Sun always knew there were places beyond his light. The Daffodils knew the shadow always stayed behind her.

But this time, it was different.

The Daffodils tried to hide it from the Sun, but he knew.

The Sun knew that the shadow grew darker as if it was trying to eat her.

The shadow brought pain and tears. It grew doubts and fears.

The garden didn't look as pretty as before. The sky didn't look as clear. The world didn't look as

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