The Daffodils Poem Analysis

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The romanticism is a literary movement that comes through all countries of Europe. The characteristics of Romanticism are clear in this poem since the poet resorted to the power of imagination to envision and to escape. Wordsworth used the natural setting to paint an original image that comes to life in the reader 's mind. By comparing himself to a lonely cloud, he combined natural and literary factors to depict the feeling of a personal experience and unleash the power of imagination to address the public. Moving forward into the next stanzas where we can also see how the poet gives the human qualities to the Daffodils’, which is the central symbol of the poem. Moreover, ‘O’er vales and hills’ the shortening of the word over is not random, in…show more content…
However, the reader can 't help but sense the fear and concern these romantic writers experienced during the Romanticism Era since it followed the Industrial Revolution and threatened a critical source of peace these individuals had which is nature. They thrived on literature, nature and imagination to glorify the present and paint it in the finest artistic way possible. We still enjoy these works of arts by simply holding a book and unleashing the power of imagination. Regarding to my personal reflection about the poem, it is a simple poem with lots of imagery. It is a very beautiful poem gives a close image of the purity and beauty of nature, and the deep human emotion inspired by the natural landscape. Also, the rhymes, lyrics, Iambs that go from stressed to unstressed and the poem beats are choosing uniquely which can easily attract the reader mind and attention. I personally admit that I like this poem a lot, it is full of imagery and beautiful metaphors which make it a great one to study. Also, I find this poem very special because it presents the deep feelings and emotions of the poet rather than telling a
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