The Daffodils William Wordsworth Analysis

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The Daffodils William Wordsworth, 1770 - 1850

Romanticism is said to be about individuality and experimentation, poets expressed the importance of nature, feelings, and emotions, and one of the most important Romanticism era poets is William Wordsworth. Wordsworth "Represented his inner life and poetic vocation in relation to the landscape of the Lake District" (AOU, 3). William Wordsworth defined poetry as "The spontaneous overflow of feelings" ( His poem the Daffodils captures the essence of the poet 's true feelings and love for nature. Wordsworth 's poem embodies language and imagery in almost every single line; showing the poet 's true love for nature accompanied by simple common-man language.
It is worth mentioning that Wordsworth 's poem was meant to be read by the masses, unlike his predecessors, who thought of poetry as being limited to the elite and educated classes. Wordsworth, like many poets of his era, "Entered the era
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