The Daimyo's Hierarchy

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The Emperors was the one who had the most power and where considered to be at the top of the hierarchy. Many Japanese believed that the first emperor was sent to Japan by the sun goddesses. The Emperor role was to be responsible for resources of Japan, praise the gods and he/she is in charge of the army. He/she lived in a wealthy area. He held less power during the shogunate period but he is in the highest ranking of the hierarchy. He/she was a puppet figure to the shoguns. He was a religious leader who worships the sun goddesses. The shoguns were the military leader and are successful with the emperor. The shoguns held more power. As the emperor lived in Heine period, the shogun used the emperor as a puppet figure. The kamuraku Shogun were…show more content…
They were military leaders and are landholders who had were held responsible for the land. To guard their land, the Daimyo’s must hire and pay samurai. They had received land by taking an oath to the shoguns. Daimyo had power over his army and had power under the shoguns. The samurais were in the warrior class. Their job was to protect Japanese including the Emperor. To control the land they were paid by the Daimyo. The samurai also swore an oath (to his loyalty) to the Daimyo. Regularly, the samurais must collect taxes and run the land. The samurais have a code called Bushido. To be loyal to the Daimyo is one of the first duties. The second one is to defend his family death of honour including the Daimyo honour as well. Under their code, they must learn the seven steps of martial art which includes archery, military strategy, using a spear, fencing, riding on horses, using a portable gun (firearms) and techniques called jujutsu or Judo. Peasants were the second lowest ranking of the hierarchy. The peasants had less power and wealth Their main job was to harvest food, catch fish and make paper. The peasants had provided food for Japan. They were not healthy than the upper classes so they had no choice but depend on their herbs and organic resources. Chonin were merchants and craftsmen who were in the social class. Their job was to supply goods and services. They also create samurai’s swords. They were not powerful since they are the last

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