The Dalai Lama's Ocean Of Wisdom

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‘Dalai Lama’ is a nickname means something like “Ocean of Wisdom”. Deeper meaning The Tibetan word ‘Lama’ means “a religious teacher who deserves the respect and devotion of his followers”. (Keynes, 2008, 207). Dalai Lama who considered as religious leader at the Tibetan Buddhists, and his spiritual and temporal leadership, in the region, which suffers internal unrest. His followers saw as the "king of Tibet" and “Successor Buddha,” and called him one of the “advocates of peace”. Buddha means an enlightened one who has understood the truth of the way things really are and is no longer tainted by greed hatred and delusion. (Keynes, 2008, 231). The object of Buddhist practice is happiness, and the end of suffering. Buddhism was created in the sixth century, BCE, making it one of the oldest religions practiced today. Originating in India, the religion spread throughout most of eastern and southern Asia. Buddhism came to Tibet in the 8th century, CE. Unlike other religions that are centered on a supreme being, Buddhism is centered on four basic truths: Life is not perfect; people are left unsatisfied by trying to make life perfect; people can realize there is a better way to achieve fulfillment; and by living one 's life through wisdom, ethical conduct and mental discipline, people will reach enlightenment ( Editors, 24-11-2016, biography).

The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, describes himself as a simple Buddhist Monk. He is the spiritual leader of

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