The Dalai Lama

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Dalai Lama is the head monk and traditional ruler of the chief Buddhism in Tibet . The current Dalai Lama is Tenzin Gyatso, since 1950. There are different views of Dalai Lama. While the West and Tibet admire and adores him, China has a whole opposite view of him, believing him to be a hypocrite and consider him in a negative way. His reputations and presumptions of him were shaped by different reasons.

The Dalai Lama is well received in the west, much to delight of Tibet. His chrematistic personality and his several speeches of non-violence, peace, women rights, the right and independence of Tibet , and sexuality has made him one of the world's most important religious figure, especially in the west . Dalai Lama, himself has adopted the western
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The western media often portray Dalai Lama on positive manners, pointing out his 'smiling' and peaceful character. Here's example of how some journalist describe The Dalai Lama: "You notice, fleetingly, that the Dalai Lama's hands are exquisite. His long, slender fingers close gently around each other as he earnestly listens to you. Suddenly his hands open wide, then pull together in a hollow clap as he breaks forth into laughter. It is true that His Holiness does love to laugh. Whether in rippling giggles or a clear open gale, his sense of joy pervades his entire being. While he may roar briefly in response to something you have said, never do you feel ridiculed, for this great monk is laughing beyond irony or personal psychology. And his outburst is generally accompanied by a reassuring comment which clarifies the profound depth of his humor. His is an unaffected, unselfconscious…show more content…
This is just a brief example of how many journalists describe Dalai Lama and his personality.
It is not only Dalai Lama's personality and his activities that have set an impression on the West, but also Buddhism which has gained many followers. The Dalai Lama is perhaps the most popular Buddhist teacher in the world, which has attracted many western people in the west. However, Dalai Lama has stated that it's not required to change religion, but he still thinks that every individual should incline to their own religion and build them self "spiritually" .
However, the Buddhism tradition and lifestyle has fascinated many western. It's perhaps the peaceful way of living that had attracted many western people. Buddhism teaches "Karma", which mean that your action in your previous life will affect you in your present life and future. If you have been a good human being in the past, it will likely be effectively in your daily life. Although, Buddhism is much different from other religions as Islam, Judaism and Christianity its "spiritually life of living" has gained many followers and acceptance. It is uncertain if this massive increase of followers may have been affected by the Dalai

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