The Dance Of Happy Shades Analysis

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Cultural Influences in Gender Issues
“The Dance of Happy Shades” is a book of short stories authored by Alice Munro and published in 1968. “The Dance of Happy Shades” tells a sad story about an old piano teacher called Miss Marsalles. This story is truly about the interaction between the music teacher and her trainees, whom she loved organizing parties for and then invite their parents who also happened to be her old students. The mother of the protagonist is Miss Marsalles’ old piano student, and together they are given an invitation to a private music concert at Miss Marsalles’ home. Having been a ritual of the piano teacher to organize such concerts, some attendees expected same results while others expected a surprise from the participants; children from Greenhill School for retarded kids. After a wonderful performance, the attendees think that a miracle has taken place for a retarded student to play the piano. Alice Munro, is regarded as one of the famous Canadian writers, often referred to as the ‘regional writer’ because her narratives focus mainly on the Canadian culture in Ontario. Another interesting story to examine is called “On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning” The story is written by a Japanese author called Haruki Murakami. The short story talks about a guy who meets a perfect girl on the morning of April and according to him, this girl is 100% perfect. Throughout the narration, the guy talks about what came into his mind as he walked

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