The Dancer's Tale Analysis

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The Dancer’s Tale The weary travelers on South 281 had stopped at Chick-fi-la in the middle of their long journey to the Alamo. They ordered chicken nuggets, stocked up on Chick-fi-la sauce and went on their way. But before leaving the Dancer, who never goes anywhere without her pointe shoes, had volunteered to tell her tail next. Long, long ago a thirteen year old boy, Pablo, had the many riches many could only dream of. He had everything. He was spoiled. He had fair skin, bright blue eyes, long eyelashes, but a very stern chin. A Old Women living on the streets had known of his riches, those of she doesnt have, had seen him and asked for a loaf of bread. He had said no rudely and said he needs it to grow big and strong and offered the…show more content…
The Old Women, though, had been very generous with her money and had helped some of her friends get back on their feet and become rich as well. The Old Women had seen Pablo on the side of the road and had recognised him as the Rich Boy. Had seen her and remembered hearing of her doing well and asked, “Please, please Old Women I know you are rich and I am in need. I would be very greatful for food or money, or anything you can offer me. Please!” “Why should I help you, for you have done nothing what so ever to help me” she exclaimed remembering when she needed help and had asked him for food and he had done nothing. “Please! Because I will make good use of what you give me and will help you or anyone when I have money and food!” “Ok I will help you but I do hope you have learned your lesson” and she gave his two loafs of bread and a bag full of money. Everyone had learned a lesson from that story including the Dancer. They learned to never be selfish and to always try to be selfless. They had now reached their destination, the Alamo! They were all thrilled to have journeyed to have journeyed so far to the Alamo to enjoy the sights and history. They had a great time. The
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