The Danger Of A Single Story

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What is the Danger of a Single Story? The dangers of single stories are that people don’t actually see the real side of things which can cause violence, self esteem issues, or harassment. This occurs when people believe what they see on the internet or what people tell them. This relates to our project because we wrote all the single stories people have about Africa in the shape of the African continent. We also wrote what the reality is and why these single stories are wrong. We put pictures around Africa to show what it really looks like in real life, not the single story that a lot of people believe. You should look up what you have heard about something, someone, or some place and not assume that is true without knowing that it is. There shouldn’t be enough single stories to fill up the continent of Africa. Try not to believe a single story without attempting to prove it wrong. (Kaeli) In the story Only A, they show single stories lead to harassment which can push people over the edge. There is a woman who all the kids call “man-women.” She is mentally unstable and the children make fun of her. Everyday after school, the kids made a routine to find her and make tease her. At the end of the story, she had enough and ran away from the girls crying because a huge crowd has gathered and started to encourage the girls, which was too much for her. One women came up the the girls and said “You should be ashamed of yourselves.” The girls however, thought it was okay because
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