The Dangerous Consequences Of Growing Inequality Chuck Collins Analysis

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“The Dangerous Consequences of Growing Inequality” was written by author Chuck Collins in 2005. The main thesis of the essay was that a greater amount of inequality causes us to undermine the values of society, along with consequences that affect an indivual’s life. Collins expands on his main point by splitting up the consequences into different categories. To be more specific, he gives different examples on how the growing inequality impacts society, and more specifically, our culture, economy, social order, and democracy. Collins starts off by explaining how homes are affected when there is a change in the economy. Collins provides examples on individuals having less time to spend at home with their families because they have to put in more hours at work. The reason for why they need to …show more content…

They understand the sacrifices their parents have made for their children and to support their family. But, upper classmen might not be able to understand why inequality causes consequences because they do not experience the same situations. Those who earn more do not need to work more hours and sacrifice little things, such as vacations, in order for their children to go to school. They may not even notice any changes to their lives because they make more than enough to live stress-free, while low income families spend most of their time struggling to make ends meet. Although this essay was written about 11 years ago, I believe it is still just as effective as when it was first written because the economy is constantly changing and always leads to consequences because of the inequality present in society. As a whole, this essay was effective for social justice in accordance to my personal experiences but, it might not have the same effect on those who have not experienced what Collins talked

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