The Dangerous Effects Of Acid Rain

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As our world is facing many, such as global warming from many different resources. We are facing a major problem, which is resulting in many disadvantages, it is one of the most dangerous chemicals that is man-made. That is causing many changes in our climates and is causing more of dangerous effects. What is it? It is Acid rain. In this essay I will be discussing acid rain in more details such as; how is it formed? How can the effects of it be measured? How is effecting our environment? And many more points considering this topic. First of all, acid rain is caused from the release of sulphur dioxide “S02” gasses and nitrous oxides “NOX”. What is causing nitrous oxides mostly are vehicles and fuel burning. What happens is that sulphur dioxide reacts with sunlight and water vapor to form sulphiric acid, as when nitrous acid in the air forms nitric acid, these reaction take much time to be formed, which forms polluted air, but it’s not necessary for acid rain to fall from the same source of pollution. Even snow at time can be acid, also some gasses and particles that are not dissolved well in water with low pH can be more acidic than acid rain. So acid rain is formed when sulphur dioxide and nitrous acid raise very high into the atmosphere and mix with oxygen and water and many other chemicals to form acid rain. Because sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides dissolve easily in water and carried by the wind, as it travels with the wind it can become part of rain, snow, fog, etc…

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