Cause And Effect Essay On Acid Rain

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Acid Rain is a form of precipitation that has high levels of hydrogen ions, and minimum ph. Acid rain can be harmful to plants and animals. The terrible chemicals in acid rain is sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which happens when molecules of water in the atmosphere to make acids. The chemicals in acid rain can peel paint from cars and cause corrosion. acid rain is incredibly power and terrible for our eco system. Pollution from our world is the cause from all acid rain. Three things acid rains affects in neighborhoods are plants, lakes and paint on houses.

Acid rain has no benefits to plants and cause plants to glow slower. According to scientist over the years they have notice growth of plants have been slower. Plants now are turning
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Because of this problem the government has to spend millions and millions of dollars to repair lakes with healthy chemicals. To repair a lakes takes lots of time and is not easy. It takes many years for a lake to get healthy and back to its right condition. It also takes many years for fishes and plants to grow and reproduce in lakes.

Paint from building, houses, and cars get peeled of from acid water. acid water is vicious and can cost your pocket a fortune. Acid water somehow destroy the paint chemical that are painted on and peels them right off. It is very toxic and can wear down the surface of a vehicle, causing a paint peel or a mark. Acid water was the reason we build garages for our cars. Their is also chemical you can buy to put on your vehicle to prevent marks and paint peels.

Their is also acid rain proof paint that protects from acid rain. Not lots of people thing of the cause of acid rain and buy normal paint, to paint their house. 10 years later they have to buy new paint and repaint the whole house again because of the damages of acid rain. Normal paint is cheeper then acid rain proof paint but for the long run acid rain proof paint will end of
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