The Dangers Of Animals Kills For Humans And Animals

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Do you know what animal kills the most people annually?There are lots of animals that can be very dangerous to humans,animals,and property.All animals have different reason why they kill and attack humans or animals. Some animals attack in different ways, some are poisonous and others trample their target to death. All animals come in different sizes and habitats which can sometimes make it hard to protect yourself from them. The animals that humans are usually most afraid of are large land animals.

The Crocodile kills about 2000 people per year and most deaths are caused by the saltwater crocodile’s deadly bite. The saltwater crocodile is the animal that has the greatest bite force. The crocodile can stay underwater for up to seven hours and can camouflage itself very well, but it is not the largest crocodile species, unlike the
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The Bengal Tiger is the largest big cat.Tigers kill about 5 to 15 people per year. Most deaths are from people wandering into a bengal tiger’s territory. Since the bengal tiger is a very territorial animal and will defend its territory when it feels it is being threatened. Even Though the bengal tiger is the largest big cat it is the the largest land animal. The elephant is the largest land animal and kills around 500 people annually. Most deaths are caused by the male african bush elephant. The male elephant experiences periods called musth which makes them aggressive. Another dangerous animals is one that lives next door to the elephant. The cape buffalo kill more that 200 people per year. The buffalo uses its 1500 pound of weight to trample humans that agitate it. The buffalo is not the only animal that tramples its target. The hippo kills more that 300 people annually by using its 1500 kilogram weight to trample or impale humans

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