The Dangers Of Barbie Dolls

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A tiny little girl wearing her mom’s formal dress and high heels standing in front of the mirror coloring every single part of her face with her mom’s makeup. This scenario is followed by the scene where the mom is running after her trembling daughter, who just destroyed her natural face and beauty, yelling at her “Come here immediately!!!!” and unfortunately, the shocking answer was “But mom I want to look like Barbie!! She is way prettier than me….” A sad story the whole world will relate to, a misery created by the doll named “Barbie”. Germany saw the first introduction of Barbie doll in 1959, and is now being manufactured on a worldwide scale. Although playing with Barbie dolls is extremely vital for the girls’ creativity and motivation, these dolls are in fact just vicious antagonists recruiting small girls, foraying their minds to conquer it. Many parents sprint at the malls every occasion to get to their little sweet girls the prettiest doll ever “Barbie”. And the sad truth is that those parents don’t know that instead of bringing luxury and happiness to their girls they are brining loads of drastic impacts that will destroy their daughters physically and mentally. This article is a scream to wake parents up “DON’T BUY BARBIE DOLLS”. The first reason why parents should not buy Barbie dolls is related to the physical problems it might cause to their girls. Girls are more likely to feel with body dissatisfaction after playing with the cinched and curved Barbie doll
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