Concussions In The Sport Of Football

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All fun and games, until someone gets hurt. This saying is closely related to the game of football. Although the game of football is an enjoyed american pastime, there are several health issues that come with the game. One of the health issues that is of a huge controversy in today’s sport are concussions. Concussions are defined as “temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to head. The term is also used loosely of the after effects such as confusion or temporary incapacity” (NFL Football Hits, Concussions, Injuries & a Lifetime of Pain). Most of the concussions that happen in the game come from a player performing head-to-head contact, or when a player experience whiplash from a hit and their head crashes into the grass playing surface. Because of the pace and intensity of the game, it is easy to make those collisions during the duration being played. Many organizations including the NFL are looking for ways to make the sport safer, and help with the long term health issues of the players.
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