The Dangers Of Concussions In Professional Football

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Concussions which is a blow to the head causing brain trauma that can last several weeks and other injuries that has just as high risks like a concussion. September 26, 1928, a football league was created for professional football players called the NFL. The start of the league has always been at high probability for its injuries. In order to continue to play the game that countless people fell in love with, the NFL has to take serious safety precautions such as helmets and pads. NFL's necessity rules, such as unnecessary kids being penalized, are being utilized to reduce life alternate injuries and provide a better experience for the players and the fans. New regulations for the NFL has made the game safer for these professional athletes.…show more content…
“Repeated concussions in the NFL have declined by 35% over a three-year 35% over a three-year…show more content…
“ Pretty soon guys are going to decide their lives are more important than playing in the NFL” (Borland).The danger that goes with the game is extremely risky but it's also here for entertainment so trying the balance out the two is fairly difficult. This shows that reduce an injury and still have it entertaining can really equal out and still make football very enjoyable to watch and play. “The NFL is committed to protecting its players from unnecessary risk, while keeping the game fair, competitive and exciting” ( All things considered, making the health and safety to the players is priority, the game of football will still be exceedingly enjoyable. Professional football players health and safety is pirate ties with new NFL rules being implicated. National football league changing the game with the new rules. Life after playing in the NFL is probably not what some people think. These differences can have a big impact on a better experience in the game of football. “Football has been a central part of my life for the past 24 years and now I'm excited about looking forward to the next chapter of my life” (Jones

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