Speech On Depression And Suicide

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British Prime Minister Second World War, Winston Churchill, himself suffered from depression, called the mental illness - "black dog," which always accompany scary, depressing, does not engage in activities which previously liked. Depression can lead to thoughts of suicide. They afflicted person may even try to sell the idea. It should be borne in mind that depression is treatable - you just need the courage to seek help. And even if the "Black Dog" will never completely leave, patience, sense of humor, of life with wisdom, discipline can control even the dirtiest dog (he will be obedient and will not pose any danger). September 10th designed to draw in a large number of suicides and to find ways to prevent them. Over the years, England committed suicide about 1,000 people. This is a very big number, so this needs to be addressed and not to be afraid to talk about it. Patients with depression live, learn and work with us. In most cases it is carefully concealed under artificial smiles. However, the immediate environment to people a little bit more open. What to say when another person suggests that the life he became unpleasant? How to comfort, encourage and how to make change their attitude? Such questions revolve in mind those who come into contact with someone who has depression. The most important thing to avoid…show more content…
Your life is not so bad. " Maybe at first glance, human, who think about suicide, life does not seem so bad. The pain may lie deep inside. Such a person may be improved if he feel that someone understands and sympathizes with him. This phrase demonstrates the accusation, condemnation and disbelief, not understanding. "Or at least I thought, what I will I feel distressed and hurt if you commit suicide?" You dear person already feels awful. Fault dock will not help him calm down, comforted. He will not feel understood and further closes
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