Fast Food Good Or Bad Essay

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Fast food is everywhere. You can drive down the street and see up to 5 or 6 fast food restaurants just within a 5 mile radius. There is at least a McDonald 's, a Taco Bell, a Sonic Drive-In, etc. It was very inevitable for people to start suing these fast food chains. Just because they sell “healthy” options, does not make it healthy. That salad is not actually healthy. Fast food may be good, but it is definitely killing people slowly. Fast food has increasingly become more popular. It use to be more popular to stay at home and cook fresh dinners, but now people have dropped the whole staying at home idea to going out and eating greasy non-fresh foods, like burgers, burritos, and tater tots. Families do not have time anymore. Parents work late, kids stay up all night doing homework, or are in after school activities, like sports, and theater. America has completely relied on going somewhere, and only spending a few bucks to get food to you fast. Cooking at home meals take longer, and people are not having the patience for that anymore.
Fast food is cheap. You can get your food fast, hence “fast” food. It iss very
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We no longer think or even care much on what we consume these days, but we care about how much we spend on what we may eat, and how delicious something may taste. Many kids would choose some that taste good, over something that may taste good, but may lack nutritional value. Families would rather spend less money on some inexpensive, non-nutritional, and knowing that they can get their food fast, over buying nutritional ingredients, and spending time on cooking a meal that has nutritional value to it. It affects the body mentally and physically, causing depression, acne, weight gain, high-cholesterol, etc. It doesn’t only affect the people who dine in at the fast food restaurants, but the families who consume it. Fast food is changing the world and how people eat these

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