Freedom In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Ayn Rand thinks people should be warned about the dangers of people taking away their freedom. Rand wrote a book on freedom of the individual, titled Anthem. Anthem is a novella about Equality 7-2521 breaking the law to write a story about discovering his freedom. Rand uses tone, theme, and symbolism to alert the reader about freedom. Rand shows the contrast of being enslaved and being free throughout her book. Ayn Rand thinks that in order to be truly free, an individual must think only for themself and no one else. Moreover, Rand uses symbolism to narrate her ideas about freedom. According to Mistersato411, a symbol is “a thing that represents something else.” Rand used the characters names as symbols in this book. In the beginning, the narrator’s…show more content…
Tone is how a passage makes the reader feel, and connotation is the associated feeling a reader has with a particular word. In the beginning of Anthem, Rand writes, “It is a sin to write this. It is a sin to think words no others think and to put them down upon a paper no others are to see.” This sentence has the tone of guilt. Words such as “sin” have a negative connotation. This tone causes the reader to think having individual thoughts is a bad thing in this society, but the narrator is thinking for himself. While in the end of Anthem, the narrator says, “I shall break all the chains of the earth, and raze the cities of the enslaved, and my home will become the capital of a world where each man will be free to exist for his own sake.” This statement has an optimistic tone. This is because of the connotation of the word “break.” ” “Break” has a positive connotations since the narrator is explaining how he is going to “break all the chains of the earth,” which means he will solve his life problems and become free. This connects to Rand’s idea of freedom because in the beginning, one thinking for themself is unacceptable, while in the end, one living for their own sake is true
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