Essay On Hazardous Work

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Hazardous Work Hazardous work is very dangerous and unsafe. Something no child should do or ever experience. Based on the article from ILO ( International Labour organisation), hazardous work can be many dangerous things. For example, mining, ship breaking, and construction. In fact, according to Spartacus Educational, women and children in mines had the job of carrying the coal while crawling on their hands and knees. This website also states, “children were chained, belted, harnessed like dogs in a go-cart, black, saturated with wet, and more than half naked crawling upon their hands and feet, and dragging their heavy loads behind them- they present an appearance indescribably disgusting and unnatural.” Based on the reading from, NGO Shipbreaking…show more content…
It gets worse. Children are doing hazardous work in dangerous or unhealthy environment. This could result in in children being injured or even killed. This same article from ILO states, “Hazardous child labour is the largest category of worst forms of child labour with an estimated 85 million children, ages 5-17, working in these dangerous conditions.” In addition, “ worldwide the ILO estimates 22,000 children are killed at work each year.” Consequently, hazardous work affects children more strongly than adults. It can result in lack of safety, and health problems can often last a lot longer. It can result in more fatal and nonfatal accidents, permanent disabilities, and behavioral and emotional damage. In fact, based on WHO (World Health Organisation), children can vary from skin disease to asthma when doing hazardous work. Also, children are even more vulnerable since they are in physical and mental development. Children are often “Achievers,” they want to perform well and are inexperienced and untrained to dealing with hazards. This is a problem. So let’s help the children. Let’s help them know they have a future, that they can get an education, that they can have something more to live
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