The Dangers Of Hazardous Work In The Workplace

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Hazardous Work Hazardous work is very dangerous and unsafe. Something no child should do or ever experience. Based on the article from ILO ( International Labour organisation), hazardous work can be many dangerous things. For example, mining, ship breaking, and construction. In fact, according to Spartacus Educational, women and children in mines had the job of carrying the coal while crawling on their hands and knees. This website also states, “children were chained, belted, harnessed like dogs in a go-cart, black, saturated with wet, and more than half naked crawling upon their hands and feet, and dragging their heavy loads behind them- they present an appearance indescribably disgusting and unnatural.” Based on the reading from, NGO Shipbreaking Platform, Shipbreaking is dangerous. Wearing no protection, workers are exposed to hazardous substances such as asbesto, PCBs, heavy metals, and oil residues. Workers (children) are often leaving work with injuries. Workers can also though be suddenly killed by a fallen steel plate or by being blown into bites when cutting torches set off residual flames. Furthermore, according to, young workers are at risk because they are inexperienced for the jobs they are asked to do. Plus, 14% of all kids that are under 18 are at higher risk of death than people over 18. In addition, theses conditions can create particular risk, such as exposition hazardous agents, chemical substances, or radiation. It gets worse.

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