The Dangers Of Head Injuries And Concussions In Sports

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Head injuries and concussions are what scientist believe have caused these brain diseases in young athletes. These injuries are sustained by serious blows to the head to the point when the brain slams back and forth against the inner head. Traumatic brain injuries are long term effects that are sustained through various blows to the head which scar the brain itself. Unlike TBIs, concussions can be healed in due time as long as the person who has experienced the concussions has followed the necessary procedures and has received enough rest to further help the brain heal. Some head injuries although can lead to these brain diseases. As a professional Italian soccer player Stefano Borgonovo had a successful career of a striker for Fiorentina, Milan and …show more content…

The NFL has modified the game by protecting the players by eliminating helmet to helmet blocking and by updating the players helmets with more cushion for the safety of their brains.After Steve Gleason and O.J Brigance spread awareness of the ALS , the NFL attempted to raise money for research towards this matter. Steve Gleason has also partnered with Microsoft to help support ALS patients with new equipment for communication. Due to the spread of awareness, this is forcing sports to make modifications and care for the athletes who were diagnosed with these diseases. Professional soccer although and other sports have not yet attempted to create change. Today, society is even making changes in younger athletes such as children and adolescents such as in soccer many children are not allowed to use their heads. The sports should although ensure that the sports have the safest equipment and inform the players of the risks of the sport. As long as the players know the risks the rules should not be changed any further because then it begins to lose the spirit of the

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