The Dangers Of Human Cloning

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Today’s technology develops so quickly and many impossible things become true nowadays. Cloning technology is one of the technologies thereabout rapidly. “Cloning is the process of creating a new organism by copying genetic information from a single “parent” organism” (Boyle, 2013, p. 1). Cloning, as of later years, has become a very arguable issue in society but cloning can have several good effects for the well-being of society. Many people believe that scientists should develop a clone human but government are against human cloning. Cloning has several of prejudice. For example, expanded danger of acquired infections comes from the way that all clones have the same qualities and in this manner may be helpless to a specific kind of sickness. This may result in one sickness wiping out a whole population. Another inconvenience is absence of quality variety. Characteristic generation guarantees a blend of diverse qualities bringing about remarkable people. Alan Boyle stated that, although, the cloned offspring shares the genetic blueprint of the original, contained within nuclear DNA, researchers say different variables would make the clone not quite the same as its parents. This statement proved that cloning has lack of gene variation. Although cloning it has non beneficial it should not be banned.

Cloning should not be banned because it helps infertile couples to have kids. Having kids brings an increased sense of meaning into people’s lives. Many married couples have kids

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