The Dangers Of Human Rights Violations In The Philippines

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What human rights violations are taking place in Philippines, Brunei and East - Timor and what is being done to address the problems. Using the UDHR the violations were found. The UDHR is a document stating rules on what a country or person should go by. Every country in the world breaks a few of these rights, no government can control their country so that it follows these rights, some countries a run by their religion and religions have their own rules and don 't go by these. The countries researched Philippines, Brunei and East-Timor don’t follow all these rules. There are many NGO’s doing their best to try to help countries get better but it will be a long time before countries actually acknowledge their problem and will want to change. Philippines does not violate as many articles compared to Brunei and East - Timor. Finding NGO’s that work in Philippines was fairly easy as the president started his term with the human rights in mind and he wanted to make a change in the country. NGO’s working in the Philippines have done a lot of work and it is on the way to a better future. The violations researched Philippines are the death penalty and torture and ill treatment. Through the research done about the NGO’s that work in the Philippines it looks like there are many organizations looking into the country. Brunei violates many articles. As Brunei is mostly a Muslim country, most of the violations pertain their beliefs. There are many muslims in Brunei

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