Essay On Lowering The Drinking Age

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The drinking age is at 21 but, some are voting to bring down to 18. The drinking age starts at 21 for a reason and needs to stay where it is. Alcohol is poisonous at any age but, it can be more harmful to a developing brain and a teenager finding a new life. It’s extremely easy to numb the annoyance of life with alcohol and many people have become addicted to the escape. In this country our children are not ready to drink at 18, we have a different system and different children. Drinking is harmful at any age, and especially to the developing brain of a teenager. Alcohol is a poison that we use for recreation. Drinking it can lead to many physical and mental issues for anyone. It can seriously endanger relationships as well. Alcohol consumption …show more content…

It’s true there are always teens who defy the law and drink. If we lower the age it will only encourage underage drinkers. If they start young it’s easier to become addicted and harder to fight. It’s believed that other countries teach teenagers how to use alcohol more responsibly and that the family setting it’s used in helps regulate their intake. This is false, other countries deal with more issues with teenagers drinking than America. A greater percentage of teenagers in European countries reported having been intoxicated in the last 30 days, most teens admit to be intoxicated before the age of 13, and their teenager intoxication rates are much higher. Bettina Friese and Joel W. Grube, “Youth Drinking Rates and Problems: A Comparison of European Countries and the United States.” Prevention Research Center Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, PDF. There is no reason we should lower the drinking age except to open malicious opportunities to teenagers and support a poison. Younger people become addicted and affected more easily than adults. America decided to do things differently than other countries for a reason. Lowering the age for drinking would lead to a disaster. The law needs to remain at an age of 21 to keep the next generation safe as long as possible. Drinking is extremely harmful and potentially fatal, this is coupled with its addictability, add young adults and the consequences are terrible. Many people follow the law and other countries experience more issues with underage drinking than the US. Keep the drinking age as is, there is no need to expose young adults to something so

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