The Dangers Of Multitasking

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Our world today has changed so much from the past that the way we live our lives has also changed drastically over the years. In Restak’s essay, “Attention Deficit: The Brain Syndrome of Our Era,” he stated on how our brains has changed from the olden times, how we are affected by technology and the problems to multitasking. Multitasking has become a common way for people to complete more tasks at a time; however, it is not the best option because it is less efficient, causes distractions and the possibility for mistakes. As society develops, our life becomes busier and busier. In times when we become overwhelmed with our workloads, multitasking becomes an option because it can help get a lot of work done all at the same time. It can be helpful to a certain degree, however it is not the most efficient way to complete tasks. In Restak’s essay he addressed, “[…] the brain is designed to work most efficiently when it works on a single…show more content…
For me personally, I have to rely on multitasking, especially when it comes to my job. I work as a hostess in a buffet restaurant and when it gets really busy I have to do many things at once such as, answering phone calls, seating the customers, giving out tickets, adding up the customers at each section, and remembering where empty seats are located at. In my situation, the only way I can complete each task is by multitasking. Without multitasking, the customers will become impatient because of the long wait. However, doing so many things at once can lead to mistakes. Especially when multitasking under pressure or time limit. Because there are so many things going on, there will be times where I mess up.“[..] the brain is designed to work most efficiently when it works on a single task and for sustained rather than intermittent and alternating periods of time” (Restak). There is a limit in what our brains can do and we cannot alter

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