The Dangers Of Online Shopping In The Philippines

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Online shopping is now becoming a popular trend among young and old shoppers here in the Philippines. It has made shopping more convenient and easy. This new shopping channel allows every shopper to directly buy goods or services over the internet and have them all delivered right at your doorstep. It saves up time, money, and effort. You don 't need to go out and mix yourself with the crowd of shoppers. Basically, all you need is a valid mode of payment, a shipping address, and of course, an internet connection to complete a transaction. One can easily access numerous shopping sites, big and small, on the internet. Among them are the giant shopping sites like Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon, and eBay. Locally, we have the Lazada, Zalora, and many others.

Based on my personal observation, online shopping is more favorable among individual with a higher level of education and to high-earning individual. In spite of the convenience of online shopping, the risk of being a victim to a fraudulent transaction is always there. Being vigilant and choosing a highly-trusted shopping sites may lessen or even avoid the risk of being victimized. The risk it involved is likely the reason why it is not favorable among other shoppers. We can 't blame them because we hear and see all these things happening every day. For an average earner like me, I can 't afford to throw out my hard-earned money just as easy as that.

Not everyone in the Philippines owns a bank card to make online payment.

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