The Dangers Of Racial Profiling In Business

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Racial profiling is to suspect someone of something (usually negative) due to the color of their skin. It is frowned upon by many but sometimes it is a necessary evil in the world of business. When running a business, all that matters is the BUSINESS. Sometimes that means doing things that you don’t always agree with. However, if it means keeping your business successful you do it no questions asked. When you picture racial profiling occurring in a store you’d probably imagine a rude, simple minded store employee following and harassing people of color for no other reason but the color of their skin. And while this may have been true decades ago this just simply isn’t the case in a modern business. People will not be hounded by dozens of employees and constantly being asked questions which may sound insulting to hear. 99% of the time they will not even know they are being watched because it is done much more discreetly via cameras with the goal of making sure the customers do not feel uncomfortable. Companies don’t just profile random everyday people that happen to be black or brown. Many other details are taken into account such as the clothes they are wearing. Many people that steal from stores often wear very baggy…show more content…
A company/business won’t just watch a customer due to skin color alone as that is too broad a spectrum and makes no financial sense taking into account all the time and money that would be needed to watch every single person. I firmly believe that a store owner would keep an eye on anyone who dressed like a thug regardless of skin color. The term” racial profiling” is just such a negative word that when used to describe an action ofton results in people seeing it in absolutes such as overly exaggerated store personnel going up to anyone who is black or brown and yelling at them to empty their
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