Essay About School Uniforms

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In modern society many schools institute mandatory uniforms that the students must wear. While other schools only prohibit indecent appearances, but otherwise allow students to wear what they like. The idea over which of these two practices is better, for both the schools academic scores and the overall well being of the students has been debated. Some believe that not having uniforms fosters a more free environment, allowing students to be themselves and foster creativity and motivation in the process. Others believe that uniforms help the overall grades of students as well as how they treat one another and themselves, do to there being less differences between them. It is clear, however, that uniforms do lead to a better atmosphere within schools, and therefore overall better lives for the students.…show more content…
Uniforms help to control students behavior and therefore directly cut down on bullying and violence within the student body. Also, uniforms allow for school officials and security to more easily notice potential threats. Students that intentionally disobey the uniform code can be easily picked out, and are more likely to be trouble causing students. The ability to easily notice these potentially rouble causing students means that school officials can more easily prevent them from initiating reckless behaviour, and get them help before they do something dangerous. Similarly, the fact that all the students are wearing school uniforms means that school staff can easily identify trespassers, something which is much harder to do when everyone is wearing different styles of clothes. Because of these effects that school uniforms have, several surveys have found that uniform enforcing schools have much lower rates of violence, theft, and bullying than schools that don't. In short, schools with uniforms are almost always found to be safer
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