The Dangers Of Smokeless Tobacco Harmful

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Tobacco in the United States has become a big money maker, as the use of tobacco has blown up so has tobacco related deaths. Tobacco comes in forms ranging from smoking to smokeless. Those who are generally just against tobacco may view smokeless tobacco as a harmful substance due to its ability to cause a variety of oral cancers, leading to a significant portion of oral deaths, and a nicotine dependence development. Those who may agree that tobacco use is not safe but also look at the smoking tobacco vs smokeless tobacco can see just how smokeless is a lifesaver and can benefit public health. Smokeless can reduced risk of oral cancer and other cancers compared to smoking, has a significantly lower death toll than smoking does, and the possibility of slowly quitting tobacco. While…show more content…
Tobacco use has been on a steady increase for while now, from smoking cigarettes, to chewing or spitting tobacco, to snuff, even to patches and chewing gum with nicotine. Just about all users are aware to some extent that tobacco is not safe and can lead to health problems such as cancer, and even death. In Article 1 “ Smokeless Tobacco Is Harmful” the office of the Surgeon general talks about the dangers of smokeless tobacco starting with the oral cancer risk. In the article under subheading “ The Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco “ they point out that the most notable health consequences with smokeless tobacco are halitosis or bad breath, discoloration of teeth and fillings, teeth abrasion, dental caries, gum recession, leukoplakia, nicotine dependence, and various forms of oral cancer. They bring up this to make sure that people know what they are at risk of every time they go

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