The Dangers Of Social Isolation '

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Can Loneliness Kill You? Every human on earth is born with the desire for some type of human connection and as one grows the need becomes even more profound. This need is portrayed in the film The Yellow Wallpaper when a woman with a evident mental disorder is isolated causing that disorder to intensify. Although, one's mental well being is not the only victim when it comes to social isolation. In the article, “The Dangers of Social Isolation”, Traci Watson explains how the lack of human connection in a person's life can put them at a higher risk of death. Every person needs some type of human connection to maintain a mentally and psychically stable life. Social isolation can severely affect one's mental health. When a person cuts all ties to the outside world, a psychological collapse is soon to follow. A prime example of the negative effect of isolation is portrayed in the short film The Yellow Wallpaper. The main character, Jane, is suffering from postpartum depression and her husband feels that isolating her from society will somehow cure her disease. She is isolated in a room that is covered in yellow wallpaper which eventually causes her depression to worsen. However, this tactic winds up causing her to develop an…show more content…
In the article, “The Dangers of Social Isolation” Traci Watson states, “ The most socially isolated subjects had a 26% greater risk of dying, even when sex, age, and other factors linked to survival were accounted for.” Every person needs some type of human connection to maintain a healthy life no matter their background. Watson also says “ Even those who are content to be alone should have some regular contact with other people who can encourage and check on them.” Even though one may believe the company of others is not essential in their life, in the end social interaction plays a crucial component on the rate of their
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