The Dangers Of Speeding Essay

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“Every year 500,000 teens are injured in a car wreck. Every year 5,000 teens die in a car wreck meaning an average of 14 teens die a day. Car crashes are the No. 1 killer of teens in the U.S. Even more than alcohol and drug abuse, violence and suicide”. Teens are always excited to earn their license and drive out on the road for the first time, but not every time will be a success, it might also be their last. I believe that teen’s cause more car crashes because they’re new to driving and don’t know the full responsibilities to the rules of the road. There are many different scenarios that lead to car wrecks, injuries and even deaths, such as texting while operating a vehicle, under the influence, and general lack of knowledge. Texting and…show more content…
First of all, “13,000 lives lost each year due to speeding” and “39% male drivers, age 15 -20 were speeding at the time of their fatal vehicle crash” “(Dangers of Speeding While Driving)”, it’s important to know about this statistics because many people need to give speeding a second thought, they don’t understand what is going on around them, they only care about getting to their destination but often forget about increase risk of getting in a car accident or causing death. As far as defense driving goes, 94% of human’s errors are responsible for all crashes which proves that defensive driving is important if you don’t drive unsafely, it can cause serious crashes, injuries, or even death. With that in mind, “. Drivers cannot control what other people on the road are going to do, so it’s important that they put themselves in a solid position to avoid the consequences of any risky actions others may take” (“The Importance of Defensive Driving and Safety”). Lastly, not following the rules of the road, speeding and misinterpreting the concept of defensive driving can increase the number of car crashes and deaths and put lives at
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