How To Write A Persuasive Essay About Animal Testing

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At least 115 million animals may be used in experiments worldwide each year. 115 million animals are infected, blinded and electrocuted every year. Throughout the years many other techniques have been used to try and find cures and vaccines for different diseases, to try to spare these innocent lives, but none seem to have stuck. However, new technology is being invented every day, like the world 's first three-dimensional, multi-cellular test tube model of early human breast cancer, to replace tests involving implanting tumors in mice. So, people can remain hopeful that soon animal testing will be a thing of the past. However, there are some doubts about how tests can be accurately carried out without being used on a living organism. Today there are a lot of curable diseases which used to be fatal that shows…show more content…
The lives saved may outweigh the lives lost but it does not mean we can overlook the pain and suffering caused to these animals to get to the treatments and vaccines. People who feel that they can’t allow animal testing for any reason can choose to refuse treatments that have been created through animal tests. However, this means refusing almost all treatments that have been created. Technology is advancing every day and maybe one day, hopefully soon, animals will be replaced by machines and no longer need to suffer. Animal testing may not always be the most sound or successful way to find the answers but right now there is sometimes no other option. However, this does not mean that scientists can treat animals however they like. There are some horrifying stories of maltreatment but most of the researchers are compassionate people who take great care and caution when carrying out experiments. We must just hope that they try their best to make these experiments as pain free as possible and, as soon as possible, exchange these innocent lives for computers and
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