Texting And Driving Essay

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Texting and Driving is a problem that needs to be solved. There are many problems today with texting and driving. In today’s society, many people have phones, especially young teens who have recently received their licenses. Texting and driving is a big temptation for teens and all of us but it’s something that many people fail to resist. Everyday about nine people are killed and over 1000 people are injured due to texting and driving. This issue needs to be resolved quickly and as efficiently as possible. According to Barbara Ortutay in her article Texting And Driving Is An Even Bigger Problem Than Realize, “ 98 percent of motorists who own cellphones and text regularly said they were aware of the dangers, yet three-quarters of them…show more content…
Amanda Clark was a senior in high school when she crashed while texting and driving. She survived and stayed off her phone for a while after swearing not to text and drive again. But, then a sense of invincibility set in and she started thinking that she survived one crash and she can survive another. A year later, she had another accident but wasn’t so lucky this time. She died as a result of texting and driving. Even just answering at a text can cause a crash. It only takes about 4.6 seconds to answer a text. That is all someone needs to be distracted and miss a person walking in front a car. At 55 mph 4.6 seconds is the length of a football field. Although there are many problems and issues with texting and driving, there are few solutions and tips to help prevent it. One solution is to place a phone out of reach of the driver. By doing this, it makes sure that the driver can not get to the phone while driving to prevent the urge to text and drive. If a driver were to turn a phone off, it could almost eliminate the problem completely. Turning a phone all the way off there is no way the phone could distract the driver. If the phone is off, nothing can ring or distract the driver enough to pick up the phone. Even if the driver were to pick up the phone, nothing would happen if it was
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