The Dangers Of The Child Welfare System

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Children are young fragile beings brought into the world with hopes to change it. In order to flourish, a child requires the same basic needs that any adult would also require. That is, shelter, safety, security, love/belonging, and health. Unfortunately, due to the horrible incidents of maltreatment, abuse, and or neglect not all children have had access to these basic needs. In fact, a lot of these essential needs are actually taken away from them when children are abused and or neglected by their biological family members or any adult in charge. When an incident such as abuse occurs, child welfare systems are given a huge opportunity to step in and give these children their basic needs back. “The child welfare system is a group of services designed to promote the well-being of children by ensuring safety, achieving permanency, and strengthening families to successfully care for their children.” (National Center for Homeless Education, 2007; Pg.3). The irony in that definition is that most children in welfare systems are not safe and neither do most children attain permanency. Child welfare systems are a dangerous place for young children to enter. It is a place where children will experience constant instability and disruption. Children in child welfare systems will feel as though they have no real home.

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