The Dangers Of The Influence Of Social Media

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There are about 2 billion people who are on social media worldwide. Social media is a platform where every one of these 2 billion people are connected and can share and exchange information and ideas through virtual communities and networks. These are a number of issues with the way people use social media, such as, the abuse of social media, the negative impacts on the time spent on social media and the fact that social media breaks boundaries of privacy are serious issues, which gives authorities reason to control and monitor social media. Some say social media should not be controlled as some information is vital and that maybe it is important to the public. However, reasons that show that social media should definitely be controlled are stronger.

The use of social media is abused when the gullibility of people is exploited and Criminal activity takes place. Such as scams, online harassment are committed and people, especially teens, falling prey to sex predators. Scammers and sex predators prey and target on people’s gullibility, emotions, and desires, young girls are targeted by sex predators who take up fake identities to groom and later take advantage of these girls. One case of sex predatory through social media is the murder of Ashleigh Hall, a victim of sex predatory, who went to meet a supposed teenaged boy who groomed her on Facebook, but later she was kidnapped, raped then killed by the boy who turned out to be 32-year-old Peter Chapman. This case shows how sex
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