The Dangers Of The Workplace Emergency

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An emergency is a condition or situation that will bring an immediate risk to the health, life, property or environment. In order to prevent this condition or situation become worse, most of the emergencies require urgent intervention but urgent intervention may not abate the condition of emergencies in some situation. Therefore, agencies only can offer alleviative care for the consequence. According to Ibrahim Mohamed Shaluf and Fakhru’l-Razi Ahamadun (2008), an emergency can be defined as a particular type of a disaster. Lives and essential property are immediately at risk when an emergency is occurred. For example, the emergency that occurred at workplace has the potential to cause serious injury and loss of life. Besides that, it may also cause damage to property and serious disruption both inside and outside the works. German Red Cross states that emergency is a condition in which life is threatened and it requires the administration of life-saving measures. For example, fire, explosion, leak of products or gas, loss of containment or threats are some of the emergencies. According to Dr Nik Nor Ronaidi bin Nik Mahdi, workplace emergency is an unforeseen situation that threatens customers, employees or the public. Workplace emergency will disrupt the company’s operations. Besides that, workplace emergencies will cause physical and environmental damage. Facility, production, environment and company’s image will be influenced by workplace emergencies. Emergencies are

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