Childhood Vaccination Research Paper

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In the United States of America, childhood immunizations have prevented an estimated twenty-one million hospitalizations and seven-hundred and twenty thousand lives among children born in the last twenty years (CDC). In recent discussions of childhood immunization, a controversial issue has been whether the amount and composition of these vaccines being administered intravenously, to enhance the body’s immunity, are in fact safe for the human body at such a vulnerable stage in its systematic development. Consequently, this has brought about a belief among a division of people who believe that their child shouldn’t be vaccinated. Anti-vaxxers commonly believe vaccinations can cause autism spectrum disorder, contain harmful ingredients that constitute…show more content…
The autism spectrum disorders theory of the common anti-vaxxer can be predisposed in this type of manner: vaccines have a direct effect on causing autism spectrum disorders, either directly or indirectly, from adverse side-effects and or being derived from the vaccine as an entirety or from the mercury toxicity component of the vaccine.
This belief was rooted among members of society when exactly two decades ago a scientific journal reporting a study on autism spectrum disorders and the correlation between vaccines was published from The Lancet. This study was done by a medical researcher named AJ Wakefield. Wakefield’s study proclaimed that the MMR vaccine had direct correlation with autism spectrum disorder. The entirety of the study has since been debunked, retracted and condemned by the scientific community. “There is significant evidence to suggest no causal effect or association between receipt of vaccinations and autism, and this has been reviewed extensively elsewhere (Doja).” This quote from an expert in the field, who heads the Division of Neurology of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, and has published a study on this issue is the common belief among all members of the science and health
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Their assertion that autism spectrum disorder stems from vaccines is contradicted by their main advocate, AJ Wakefield, and his work has been redacted and condemned by the science and health community. It is more reasonable to interject that mitochondrial disease plays a greater factor in spurring autism spectrum disorder than that of vaccines based upon these and other scientific research that has been

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